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Morning Suit Hire

When preparing for a wedding, while rare in the United States, there are occasions when the day will require morning wear. This traditionally English form of dress is formal, classic and really can set the tone for a formal and stylish wedding. The morning suit, despite being over a hundred years old has retained popularity and today, there are a number of companies offering morning suit hire.

Over the years, wedding dress code in the United States has become increasingly informal, and around a hundred years ago, the morning suit was seen regularly as formal attire and it was the suit of choice when one got married. Today, morning suits are used just occasionally at weddings and also other events such as formal political events like fundraisers as still, today it is the epitome of smartness and a reminder of the Victorian era.

Luckily, today morning suit hire is still available for those who would opt to have an unforgettable wedding formal morning dress usually includes a morning coat or cutaway coat as well as top hat, formal shirt, vest, handkerchief trousers and optionally braces. Morning dress is most popular in black; however one can also opt for a charcoal grey color. Compared to the standard tuxedo, shirt and trousers morning dress while similar looks a great deal smarter and the style has remained the same for the best part of a century. The good news is that there are plenty of outfitters that offer morning suit hire.

Morning dress is most assuredly English and it has its protocols about when it can be worn and where because of this, many people often opt for a simple black tie protocol, but luckily today, the rules of formalwear have all but vanished. With many people taking advantage of morning suit hire, today it's more the looks than anything else. Morning suit hire is a great way for the groom to look the part at his wedding, and while it's fell out of fashion somewhat in the US, morning wear remains popular in England.

In Scotland morning wear is replaced by Scottish Highland dress which includes the kilt. This form of dress remains popular at many weddings due to many people's cultural heritage and Scottish highland dress remains popular throughout the world. While many people may have forgotten English morning wear, the fact is that the Scottish equivalent is still alive and kicking, and there are many companies offering morning suit hire for Scottish formal dress.

However whether you want to wear a tuxedo, a tailcoat or a kilt it's completely up to you. If you're attending someone else's wedding, then it's important to find out the dress code beforehand. While it's possible to under-dress for an occasion, you can also over-dress. When it comes to ensuring you look the part however, one of the best ways is to take advantage of morning suit hire because it's one of the most affordable ways to ensure that you really do look the part.

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